YTP: Giadia has breakfast in bed with you

6 г. назад

this ain't cooking.

YTP: Debra's Boss

6 г. назад

Andy demonstrates how he's the boss of Debra.

YTP: Giada pleasures food

6 г. назад


The true soul of romney

5 г. назад

back at it again.

YTP: pooping and crying

6 г. назад

I would sure cry too.

YTP: Paula Deen loves diabetes

6 г. назад

"time for low blood sugar Yawl"

YTP: Supernanny calms down racist teen

6 г. назад

respect my friends NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE.

YTP: grover fucks little children with the letter F

5 г. назад

so this is what little kids get taught these days.

Isn't that cute? But it's planet bull crap !!!

7 г. назад

My First " POOP" Hollywood keeps it real about the world. copy rights to original owners.

YTP: the greatest poopout ever

6 г. назад

all hell breaks loose.

YTP:Troy talks about his great dandruff

6 г. назад

my Superbowl special.

Hoe review from Hoe bell

5 г. назад

Think outside the bun.

YTP:The Real Jerry Sandusky interview

6 г. назад

he's being honest.

YTP: Michelles POS tax plan

6 г. назад

oh no it's the eighties over again.

YTP:Icejjfish uses all 100 of his voices to make women unfertile

3 г. назад

Sorry guys it's been a minute since I came out with new material.

YTP: Gary is very desperate

5 г. назад

copyrights to original owners.

YTP: Gaysongz- can't wait to see him

6 г. назад

NO HOMO!!! but this is what people think trey is lately.