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DJ Mad Dog & Dave Revan - Maze of Martyr (Official Dominator 2017 anthem)

6 мес. назад

The most notorious hardcore anthem of 2017 has arrived. This is 'Maze of Martyr (Official Dominator 2017 anthem) by Mad Dog and Dave Revan! "We are hardcore We are DOMINATOR!" DOWNLOAD...

Rory & the island - The Ballad of Mad Dog Coll - (Official) - Gallagher

5 г. назад

download: . Written by Rory Gallagher. Copywrite IMRO 2012. Video by Paul Gallagher, Ardara, Donegal.

MadDogg feat Press - Anteke Gang (Official Audio) 2K17

9 мес. назад

Pecus Bünyesinde bulunan MadDogg'un "Anteke Gang" isimli çalışmasına Press eşlik etmektedir. Kayıt Boykot Müzik Evinde alınmış olup Forbeat tarafından mixlenmiştir. Keyifli dinlemeler....

M.W.P. & X ft. Maddog - Моето шоу (Official Video)

6 г. назад

Official Masters of Hardcore podcast by DJ Mad Dog

5 мес. назад

Follow the MOH Playlist - The worlds leading hardcore podcast. TRACKLIST 00:48 - DJ Mad Dog feat. Dave Revan - Maze of Martyr (Official Dominator Anthem 2017) 04:06...

DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Nolz & MC Syco - The apocalypse (Official Unity Anthem 2015 Clip) [HD]

2 г. назад

Video by Confuze: ( DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Nolz & MC Syco - The apocalypse - Traxtorm 0152 - 174 BPM Download: | Stream:...

Johnny Mad Dog Trailer

8 г. назад

This is a trailer about one of my favorite movies: 'Johnny Mad Dog'. I made this trailer myself with 'Sone Vegas Pro'. This is not thé official trailer, because I made this myself. But...

DJ Mad Dog & AniMe - Hardcore machine - Official Videoclip [HD]

6 г. назад

DJ Mad Dog & AniMe - Hardcore machine - Official Videoclip [HD] Official release: Digital download:

Sudi - ✖Gut drauf✖ (Official Video) Maddog EP

2 мес. назад

Künstler: Sudi Video Produktion: hooksNkaine Musik Produktion: TFK & Tomo Montana Erscheinungsjahr: 2017.

Dim4ou feat. F.O. and Maddog - For The Ladies (official release)

6 г. назад

Текст: Dim4ou, F.O. & Maddog Музика:Beezy (ATS ent.) [C] & [P] 2014 MFZanimation & MFPublishing.

DJ Mad Dog & AniMe - Ama shishi (Videoclip)

2 г. назад

Ama shishi is icluded in my album "EXTERMINATE", available at: - -

Dominator Festival 2017 - Maze of Martyr | Official Endshow

5 мес. назад

Your triumphal escape was a hopeless mission... Get ready to re-live the official closing of Dominator - Maze of Martyr now, powered by anthem maker Mad Dog! Mad Dog feat. Dave Revan - Maze...

DJ Mad Dog - That's the sound (Videoclip)

5 мес. назад


DJ Mad Dog ft Rob GEE - Down For The Core

4 мес. назад

Till i Die available now: Vote Here: Follow DJ Mad Dog on: http://www.sound...

Dj Mad Dog feat. MC Jeff - AGONY (Official Video Showcase)

5 г. назад

Available FREE on "THIS IS HARDCORE!!" album: -----------Dj Mad Dog & MC Jeff Official Links--------------------------

DJ Mad Dog vs Noize Suppressor at Thunderdome 2017

1 мес. назад

Don't miss the first Dogfight night in Holland!!!...Info Here: ORDER HERE Follow...


2 г. назад

Another Epic video single titled Remember from rising superstar artist VALENTINE produced by U.S afrobeat producer WILLBEATZ featuring Congolese artist Maddog witter: @valentineartist instagram:...

Dj Mad Dog feat MC Jeff - The Future (Official Video Clip)

4 г. назад

"The Future" is a cover track of the original tune from 1994 by Dyewitness & The Nightraver, re-worked by DJ Mad Dog featuring the vocal talent of MC Jeff. Publisher: Basart, Strengholt, Nanada,...

NiiHWA (니화) - What I Want 매드독 OST Part 2 / Mad Dog OST Part 2

2 мес. назад

Title : What I Want Artist : NiiHWA (니화) Release Date : 2017-10-18 Genre : OST Label : Warner(Korea) Language : Korean Links - Han, Rom Eng Lyrics

Hardcore Italia - Podcast #95 - Mixed by DJ Mad Dog

2 г. назад

Playlist: 1) DJ Mad Dog - Back to the old school 2) Angerfist feat. Crucifier - Sensational gargle 3) Art of Fighters vs Predator - Hellfire 4) Unexist - Power of underground 5) Bass-D & King...

official tito du 92 feat maddog

8 г. назад

extrait de la mixtape bedaveur d'instrus.