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Khmer old folk story 2/4 - Cambodia comedy group

6 г. назад

See part 3 at

Khmer ghost comedy story 4/4 - Neay Koy, Neay Krem, Neang Katob

6 г. назад

This is the best part, enjoy videos everyone and more comedies will come soon this week !

Around Kompongcham Province, Cambodia - TS Production

4 г. назад

Here's another Hindu temple was built during the great Khmer empire in Kompongcham province. Probably heard the story of "Phnom Pros & Phnom Srey" of why men have to engage women first in order...

2012 Khmer New Year Song 7

6 г. назад

Khmer comedy, Eysei Rock & Roll 3/3 - Neay Koy, Khrem, Group

5 г. назад

Let's laugh again with Bong Krem, Bong Koy and group from one of my collection comedy videos. Don't forget, laughing make life to be longer . Thanks for production and group ! See Eysei at...

Khmer live comedy - Neay Krem , so funny

6 г. назад

Laughing one time, is increasing life time one day - Thanks Neay Krem ! Here's original song of 7:35

Khmer Kindnest poeple 1/2 - MR Willie Uy + Group

5 г. назад

I have followed Bong Pross Willie Uy and group videos for long time, really have spent a lot of times of helping Khmer poverty. Thanks Bong Pross for this kind humanity, I wish I can do something...

Cambodia, Svay Reang Province 1/2 - The border of Khmer and Vietnam

6 г. назад

This time, let's visit Svay Reang to see what Khmer is doing there ? Thanks for production and group that show everything everywhere around Cambodia. Enjoy video and have a nice day everyone !

Khmer old folk story 3/4 - Cambodia comedy group

6 г. назад

See part 4, ending at

Khmer Folk Story 5/5, Eng. Sub - Neay Khvakk & Neay Khven

5 г. назад

Here is the best, funny, happy ending part 5. Really good and thanks again for production, actors and group for this enjoyable story ! Should see behind the scene of this story

Sunday Khmer NY 2012 song 1 - Sereymon

6 г. назад

DVD volume 40.

The story of Khmer kick boxing style 1/6, Labokkator

6 г. назад

Very good Khmer story of Kick boxing , just concentrate and spend about 2 hours, you will enjoy it.

Khmer Comedy 2015 - Neay Kren

3 г. назад

See the end of this video, Neay Kren can sing too !

Khmer live comedy - Neay Khrem selling flowers, Hang Meas

6 г. назад

That's really funny for me ! Thanks Krem.

2001 Khmer traditional dance "Kantere", Performed by old professional enterteners

2 г. назад

The history of this dance, was told in this video !

Khmer Ayai, none stop rhyme comedy - Meng pech chenda + Smean Chheng 1

6 г. назад

See Chenda started signing Ayai a long times ago, Amazing she can play anything to entertain people ! Thanks for production that produced this Ayai . Also thanks the group that were really...

RHM Sreypich song selection 3 - Khmer water festival

5 г. назад

Sang along with Noy Vanneth in Khmer water festival DVD songs !

Khmer Traditional Ayai - Young kids part2

6 г. назад

Support them as much as you can and otherwise will lose this traditional entertainment that has been preserved for centuries Don't buy copy fake ones, buy original ones.

Khmer old original song lyrics - Tep sodachan's song

6 г. назад

Originated from Khmer old movie named "Tep Sodachan" and here the link to original song at play time 7:57, it was sung by Mr. "Sinn Sisamouth " and Mrs. "Ros Serey Sothea" :