Rock'n'Roll Has Died (Chi Might II); Sina feat Victoria K

7 дн. назад

Our new Album 'Chi Might II' is supposed to launch in October 2018. It will feature one Artist/Songwriter/Band per song and it will include different genres. So it won't be strictly 'Hard Rock'...

Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits); drum cover by Sina

1 г. назад

This performance is available on iTunes, recorded with the Tribute Band 'Dire Straits UK': You can check out the full Band Cover right here: YouTube

Pink Panther Theme (Henry Mancini); drum cover by Sina

4 нед. назад

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing, I'm such a fan, thanks Henry Mancini for some wonderful music! More about me:

Rosanna (Toto); drum cover by Sina

3 мес. назад

Rosanna by Toto is one of the greatest recordings ever and this is my humble effort to do Jeff Porcaro justice, who passed away too soon. R.I.P. Jeff.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Iron Butterfly); Cover by Sina

3 мес. назад

Download on iTunes: Featuring Christian Wolf, Andrei Cerbu and Rick Benbow. This is actually the most requested song on my channel but it was really hard to recreate,...

Here I Go Again (Whitesnake); drum cover by Sina

1 г. назад

Here I Go Again was certainly the biggest hit for Whitesnake's David Coverdale. This is my tribute to an all-time favorite. A big thanks to everyone who took part in my 'what-to-cover-next'...

Radar Love (Golden Earring); drum cover by Sina

5 мес. назад

This Classic Track by Golden Earring is another fan-favorite that was requested very often and again it was a lot of fun to do. I'll keep working my way through my to-do-list! More about...

Long Train Runnin' (Doobie Brothers); Drum cover by Sina

3 мес. назад

What a lovely song to play along to! This is one of my 'just-for-fun' covers, certainly not 'note-by-note', so please don't blame me! More about me: https://www.face...

Don’t Fear The Reaper (More Cowbell); drum Cover by Sina

4 мес. назад

Blue Oyster Cult Cover, feat. Milena on Cowbell Enjoy, but please don't take this too serious! About: https://www.patreon.c...

Mr. Roboto (Styx); drum cover by Sina

1 мес. назад

An iconic 80s song, written by Dennis DeYoung, for me one of the most beautiful voices in Rock music. Not everyone likes this particular track, read about the controversial debate here: https://go...

Billie Jean (Michael Jackson); Drum/Bass Cover by Milena and Sina

1 г. назад

I always wanted to play that Billie Jean Bass part, so I talked my little sister into doing the drums, although she's not really a drummer... More information: My official website: http://girls-go...

Hotel California Solo Cover; Sina feat. Andrei Cerbu & Mike Wilbury

3 нед. назад

Some time ago, Andrei suggested to do Hotel California but my dad didn't want to do the full version because he says that no-one can recreate Don Henley's vocals. So they ended up recording...

Money For Nothing; drum cover by Sina

1 г. назад

Just a quick take on Dire Straits' Money For Nothing. The original drum part sounds very compressed with a big 80s reverb on the toms. I decided to go for a more natural sound, hope you like...

Only The Good Die Young (Billy Joel); drum cover by Sina

1 мес. назад

The other week I was shown some drum brushes methods by one of my teachers at Drummers Institute - Andy Gillmann, a master of Brushes! Check this out: This Billy...

Sina Outtakes & Bloopers

7 мес. назад

I'm not exactly proud of those bits but there have been so many requests for Outtakes that I could not ignore them a lot longer :)

I Was Made For Lovin' You (KISS); drum cover by Sina

1 г. назад

Another band that was requested so often! So here we go with a little KISS: I Was Made For Lovin' You. More about me: My official website: My Facebook page: https://ww...

Summer Rolling - Sina drums

6 мес. назад

A summer song, inspired by our favorite John Lee Hooker Riff. Thanks for that and thanks to Milena for rolling in front of us and thanks to daddy for playing the less important instruments...

Hotel California (The Eagles); Drum Cover by Sina

1 г. назад

The Eagles' Hotel California. I love this song so much I didn't dare to touch it - until now. More information: My official website: My Facebook page: https://www.fa...

Pull The Trigger (SMOT); drum cover by Sina

3 нед. назад

I'm often asked about the drum lessons I took, so here we go: I went to a drum school called 'Drummer's Inspiration' when I was 10. I had about one lesson...

Two Princes (Spin Doctors); Drum Cover by Sina

2 мес. назад

A little fun song in between! More about me: My equipment: Kirchhoff Schlagwerk https://ww...

Sina's first Q & A - FAQ (with Milena)

2 мес. назад

Thanks so much for your support in 2017, please stay with me! You have more questions? Place them in the comments below and we'll try to answer them in our next Q & A (if you want another)...